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Your Hidden Mind

The advanced system to achieve pure mental and emotional freedom from bad habits, fears & anxiety.

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Ever wonder why you keep repeating the same behaviours? Your history can tell you...

You Are Your Memories

Welcome to Your Hidden Mind's Online Membership. 

Your Hidden Mind is a powerful online system to achieve peace of mind and positive behaviour change, underpinned by the cutting-edge neuroscience of Memory Reconsolidation, to enable you to create positive lasting change across your life.

As a member, you get 24/7 access to over 700 bite-sized memory transformation articles to enable you to:

  • Resolve the root cause of your limiting belief systems that are holding you back from success
  • Break through procrastination and become a productive powerhouse
  • Exude the vibrant energy you need to attract that special someone in your life.
  • Have the confidence to truly go after what you want in life.
The YHM Online Membership is the most comprehensive and enjoyable way for you to rewire the conditioning from your past still controlling you today.

Gain access to hundreds of memory-transformation articles (RAPs)

With The YHM Complete System App, you have full access to over 700 articles (RAPs) to achieve freedom from every limiting fear, doubt and unwanted behaviour you can imagine.

  • There is no quiet time or meditation required.
  • These articles are so effective and permanent because they get underneath the symptoms to resolve the root cause.
  • If you want permanent freedom from unwanted behaviours - excessive stress, weight, smoking, overeating, then you need to get to the root cause.

Simply read or listen to the bite-sized articles to uncover and rewrite the unconscious limiting beliefs and memories that you are still controlling you.

Once you understand the neuroscience and power of memory reconsolidation you will never look back.

Free yourself from your past conditioning
& create the life you desire with ease.
The YHM Online Membership includes:
  • Full library of RAPs: The full library of memory-transformation articles to help uncover and resolve any issue you can imagine at the core
  • Research eBook: Research on the science of Memory Reconsolidation for Behavioural Change
  • Insight Tracker: Monitor your growth while using Your Hidden Mind - The Complete System
  • Group Masterclass Audios: Listen along to learn more about the system
  • Tips for Coaches: Tips on how to use the system with your clients
This Online Membership content are 100% unique and proprietary. You cannot get this content anywhere else.
The YHM Online Membership Details

Hundreds of memory transformation articles. The more you read or listen, the more you unravel, and the more you get unstuck.

  • You cannot get these articles to transform your mind-body-health anywhere else.
  • Gain access to them now to activate the insight and perspective you need to find closure on your past and unlock your true potential through just 5 minutes of intriguing reading and reflection a day.

A comprehensive literature review and ebook on the science of Memory Reconsolidation for Behavioural Change – Learn about the science behind Your Hidden Mind:

  • Learn how your memories have emotions embedded in them and are constantly creating your conditioning, thoughts and automatic behaviours.
  • Find out why you may not have been seeing the results you expected from mind retraining and relaxation techniques.
  • Understand the brain’s ability to rewrite memories with all the new information you have today so the next time the memory is triggered, you have a less emotive response.
  • Learn how the mind needs to be in a rested state to find connections and inspiration.

The Insight Tracker - Track your Insights & Inspiration:

  • A proprietary template to reflect on and complete after each RAP so that you can capture your reactions, connections, perspectives and awareness..
  • The insights & inspiration you hear through using the RAPs are your life’s story, your autobiography today and into the future, plus lightbulb moments.
  • With every RAP you read, you get to fill in your blueprint.
  • The Insight Tracker provides you with a resource of your life so that have something to reflect on or share with your loved ones.

Group Masterclass Audios with the founders

  • Listen to raw, unedited masterclass sessions using Your Hidden Mind's RAPs with the Founders and people just like you for even more opportunities to benefit from the transformative power of the system.
  • You will hear the healing ‘Vital’ signs being released by the participants during the sessions – i.e. spontaneous yawing, sighing, couching, laughing, etc.
  • With the audio sessions, all the work has been done for you.
  • Simply listen along to stimulate your mind to rewrite your behaviours.
  • These sessions are held weekly and regularly uploaded to the membership site

With the Complete System and Membership Program you don’t need to do any homework or exercises, or work out the ‘right’ questions to ask yourself. There are literally hundreds of articles to stimulate your mind to tell you about yourself - rewriting your behaviours and reactions one realisation at a time.

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