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Your Hidden Mind - The Essentials
The advanced daily system to achieve mental and emotional freedom from your FEARS, bad habits & guilt.

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5 min prose to rewrite fears & enjoy a happier, healthier life.

What is Your Hidden Mind?
Your Hidden Mind is a scientifically proven system for behaviour change underpinned by comprehensive research into the science of the Resting State Networks in the brain, and Memory Reconsolidation. 
The Science

You are your memories. Your memories shape everything you do; both helping and hindering you to achieve your goals. To create change, you need to rewrite your memories with new perspectives. Fortunately, science shows us that you can. Memories are Malleable.

  • Memories: Your cellular memories and emotions unconsciously control everything you do.
  • Sensations: Your memories are embedded with chemicals that make you feel good or bad depending on the emotion triggered.
  • Behaviour: These chemicals drive your behavior before your conscious brain kicks in.
How it Works

Your Hidden Mind uses Rhythmic Activating Prose (RAPs) to create knowledge and growth through passive stimulation of the mind rather than active exercises.

  • Read: Read or listen to a RAP to reflect on your life to naturally integrate your memories with your life experiences.
  • Reflect: The RAPs make it easy for you to reflect on your life without you having to try and think about what you should reflect on.
  • Then on with your day! This is your daily mindset ritual for transformation and success with ease.
Each RAP is like a work of art activating your mind to reveal your hidden drivers.

Your Hidden Mind helps you discover the real you behind the stories you repeat in your head to gain greater perspective, creativity, and personal growth.

  • Learn: Understand why certain words ‘trigger’ you before your logical brain has time to stop you.
  • Appreciate: Appreciate who you are, your memory-base and how it impacts your behaviour today.
  • Succeed: Rewire your memories to rewrite your future with greater action for a happy, healthy, more vibrant life.
What are RAPs?

Rhythmic Activating Prose (RAPs) are unique articles to trigger memories to help you breakthrough mental blocks and transform your life.

  • Read: Reveal the words, events & memories driving your subconscious behaviours.
  • Discover: Activate your problem-solving brain.
  • Grow: Ignite new insights & perspectives to create the mental freedom you need to realize your true potential.
The system is a culmination of over 15 years of working with people and observing their behaviours change through this very process, often even without their own conscious realisation.

"I have been using “Your Hidden Mind” for over 12 months. The results I have experienced range into the extraordinary...

...5 years ago I went through a very challenging and life changing situation. My confidence was destroyed and I suffered from severe depression as a result. Since using this system I have found that my confidence has rapidly grown back and my depressive states are down to a minimum.

One of the most amazing results however is that I have stopped smoking and can’t even recall when or how, I have just stopped, with no knowledge of ever giving it a “thought”. It just happened and I find this incredible.

I will continue to RAP every day and look forward to not knowing the positive changes this amazing system is creating... until it has created it !  Next stage, my love life ;)"

–Chris (YHM Client)

Own Your Hidden Mind’s System - The Essentials
Start Your Daily Ritual To Success.  
This is what you get...

Your Hidden Mind – The Introduction

  • An eBook on the innovative science of memory reconsolidation for behavioural change
  • A 30 Day Comparison Record to track your transformation as you rewire your mind for success

A selection of our most popular Rhythmic Activating Prose (RAPs) – unique articles to trigger memories to help you breakthrough mental blocks and transform your life.

  • Each RAP is like a work of art activating your mind to reveal your hidden drivers.
  • You simply sit back, read, and reflect to:
    • Jog repressed memories.
    • Reveal the words, events & memories driving your subconscious behaviours
    • Activate your problem-solving brain
    • Calm the chatter in your mind
    • Loosen ingrained beliefs
    • Ignite new insights & perspectives
  • And create the mental freedom you need to realize your true potential.

BONUS: Masterclass Group Live RAP Sessions

  • Listen to real-life masterclass sessions using Your Hidden Mind's RAPs with the Founders of the system and people just like you to have even more opportunities to benefit from the transformative power of the system
  • With the audio sessions, all the work has been done for you. 
  • Simply listen along to stimulate your mind to rewrite your behaviours.
Reprocess Your Memories to Create the Life You Desire
A Few Words from Co-Founder, Christine

Change Made Easy

Your Hidden Mind’s system is not about trying to change who you are (that happens naturally - in fact you can’t stop it). Forced change, however, is far more difficult and taxing.

Instead, Your Hidden Mind is a unique system to help you uncover who you are behind your fears, words and defensive mechanisms. Bring this to the forefront and your mind naturally adds to it new perspective resulting in new reactions, behaviours and outcomes.

Positive change is the by-product of using Your Hidden Mind.

There is no homework, exercises or tasks.

It’s about having a system you can use for any aspect of your life whatever prior conditioning or new difficulties come your way.

With Your Hidden Mind, you learn to trigger your mind to tell you about itself - solve the mystery, close the past, get through mental blocks and build self-confidence to create a happier, healthier, more vibrant future.

Christine from Your Hidden Mind

A note from clinical psychologist Dr. Marie Renaud on the research supporting memory reprocessing:

"To be honest you are at the brink of what is being understood in terms of the mind and memories, especially the idea of the mind reworking memories over and over again rather than the more mechanistic idea of storage of memories.

There is certainly a lot of neuroscience behind the idea that traumatic memories are physiologically encoded differently from memories generally...and a whole field of very interesting ideas around the way pre-verbal experiences are embodied, literally stored at a physical level, I have had the experience of seeing that being the case clinically with some of the traumatised children I have worked with.  

Starting with a memory, an event in childhood and then taking a good look at it, bringing it to the conscious and reformulating it is a very successful way of working...."

–Dr Marie Renaud

Transform your Life in 5 Minutes a Day to Achieve Success From the Inside Out

Harness the problem-solving power of memory transformation and release your inner calm to create the life you deserve.

  • Exude self-confidence
  • Stress less
  • Lose weight
  • Tame that temper
  • Overcome self-doubt
  • Get that mental edge

Rewire Your Memories to Rewrite Your Future.

Christine and Brian from Your Hidden Mind

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